November's Featured Story 
Knicole Burchett "Mother of Hope"
She is an incredible woman!  Knicole gives so many hope to achieve their wildest dreams.  Her simple way of sharing her passion for Plant-Based Health has been a massive motivator for many.  Knicole searched high and low for a way to help her children live a better life.  She struggled for years to solve the mysteries of her son Jimmy's unhappiness.  Knicole, like any parent, simply wanted her children to "be happy".  Unhappy kids cause for high levels of stress and fear.  She experienced times of hopelessness on her pursuit to an answer.  

Her life changed forever when friends Keith Chaisson and Laine Matherne introduced her to plant-based health.  Knicole's story has sense impacted 10,000's of peoples lives.  She is the essence of "PlantLife". Plant-based health has given her a new reason to thrive in the world today.  PlantLife has significantly increased her levels of health, wealth, and happiness.  

She has given all in her path hope of living a better life.  

Thank you Knicole, 
PlantLife Family

Our 'PlantLife' Stories About Plant-Based Health, Wealth, and Happiness worldWide.
Damon D'Amico
He's the mad scientist of PlantLife.  This walking talking PhytoLeader is a pioneering wiz in the world of plants.  He's been a full time entrepreneur in the plant-based health world for 4 years.  Helping 1,000's break the chains of bad health, limited mindsets, and struggling businesses.  Damon is a PlantLife Leader on a mission to tell 100 people a day about Plant-Based Health, Wealth, and Happiness.  
Laine Matherne
Believer, Entrepreneur, and Traveler.  This Marine served his country before dedicating his life to educate others on the benefits of plant-based health.  He is a major influencer and leader in the Plant Life movement.  Laine experienced rapid healing after a severe accident snowboarding due to Plant based medicine.  He has a simple and powerful vision to share PlantLife with the world.  He earns a living by helping others benefit from a plant-based lifestyle 
Keith & Jamie 
They love God First!  These two are leading examples in life and business.  They have 27 years as entrepreneurs and their prime interest is a plant based lifestyle.  They bring creativity, strength, stability, and wisdom at every level.  Keith and Jamie Chaisson are shinning example's of growth.  They have adapted and quickly leveraged the advancements of the financial, technological and health arenas making them the couple to follow in the years to come.  
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Stephen Munson
Prosperity from Plants
Plant Life: We Believe In Natural Plant Based Healing. Our Meals And Medicines Are Plant Rich To Ensure Us An Optimal Life. As Research Shows What We Eat We Become And Eating Plants Gives Us A Vibrant Life. According To Science The Best Medicines Are Those Derived By Plants. We Consume Plants As Often As Possible. We Leverage An Innovative Home Delivery System To Deliver Plant Based Health Direct To People Across The World Giving Us The Ability To Profit On Our Passion. As A Result Of Optimal Health And Abundant Wealth We Are One Big Happy Family.
Mission #1: We Rely on Plants for Health
Our meals and medicines are derived from plants. It would not make sense to fill our bodies with synthetic medicine and  processed food when we have health from the earth as God intended.  
Mission #2: We Focus on Family First
Our mission is to create a family based community helping one another feel save to become their greatest, fulfill their wildest dreams, and have a fun time living their life.  
Mission #3: We Earn Income Helping Others
Our members leverage a simple home delivery system to have plant based health deliver direct to our customers door.  We earn a living by educating and helping others achieve health, wealth, and happiness.  
More Amazing Stories
"Nothing Beats the Plant Life"
-Ashley Elaine
Working in the medical industry for 10+ years, my passion has always been to help people. 

At 16, I struggled within myself to find happiness in life. At 18, I had heart surgery to remove growths. At 20, I struggled with pharmaceuticals and deep depression. A severe accident in 2012; which left me with PTSD, in which I didn't talk or leave the house for weeks. It also became the beginning of a painful journey to a progressive neck injury I battle every day. Then I struggled with two high-risk pregnancies in 2014 & 2016. 

Without plant-based alternatives, I wouldn't have overcome what I have. I am thankful for that Plant Life. 
- Kristin Raven
I am a wife and a mom to 6 beautiful children that God so graciously gave me! I have been a mompreunur for 5 years now. My goal was to spend time with my family and earn a living from home.  I discovered this Plant Life Family and this was the answer for me.  I've helped my family overcome huge health battles and I have been rewarded 

It’s done more than just change the quality of people’s lives, it’s financially changing my families future in ways I never imagined! 

-Jessica Kitchen
On October 19th of 2014 I lost my daughter at 39 weeks. Just a few days away from her due date. Her name was Kylee Rayne.  From that day on I have gone through this alone. Depression, anxiety, stress, anger, pain. My marriage fell apart for many reasons. One day I came across a post about Plant Life. I met amazing people. They are here for me when I need them. Were a family! This has changed me and my life. I love helping people and that's what we do. I look forward to further improving my life!
4 Steps To Ultimate Success 
Step #1: Study 
Step #2: Start
Step #3: Shop
Step #4: Share
David Williams
My father was in the Navy we traveled all over the world. My mother was a stay at home mom she fought for me to get an education. I am 50 years old I've been a contract auctioneer for over 25 years. I am married to a wonderful woman she is my world I have fought my whole life with being obese it has been a struggle. Four months ago I started at 450 pounds and have lost 60 pounds. The next 12 months will be a mega-powerful transformation due to plant-based health. Let's Get Healthy, Wealthy, and Happy! 

Christy Jensen
I went through a horrible divorce, lost my home, and vehicles. I took my kids and moved back to my hometown in the process of moving my Mom passed away suddenly. I was heartbroken and devastated by so much loss in my life. 

I began to soul search and leaned on my faith in God to help me get my life back. I found a Plant-Based Health Busines and fell in love with the community, vision and the exclusive products! I'm surrounded by people who believe in changing lives from the inside out and we are on a mission to do this globally. Empowering others to get healthy.  

LaDonna  Leonard
I have been in the trucking industry for nearly 18yrs with my hubby. We wanted to make good money & travel all over to see our amazing country. Running 7000 miles a week is rough & we've missed soo much with family/friends. Stress led to anti-depressant meds. Migraines led to prescriptions. 

 The life I dreamed of was wearing on me and I knew I needed a change! Well, I have found it... Starting this Plant-Life journey has given me a whole new purpose! I can help people get healthy with plant life products that have incredible benefits inside & out!

Embark on a Prosperous Journey With the Plant Life Family
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